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True Cincinnati Teams

True Cincinnati Teams

"No one can judge effort, because effort is between 'you' and 'you'!" - Ray Lewis

The benefit of being on a team with True Cincinnati is not measured in the tournaments attended, the jerseys worn or traveling done. It is measured in the time and effort you put in and practice is where success begins. True Lacrosse teams are about committing to time on the practice field and getting better day by day. We create value in our program by offering continuity throughout the year with a venue to work hard and learn.

Our players are asked to commit time over the span of the year to get better at lacrosse. We don't ask our athletes to quit their other sports, but rather encourage them to continue fall and winter sports. We do ask them to push themselves a little harder by giving us a day in the depths of winter to pick up a stick and start working on what will win us games when we travel to our respective tournaments. We offer 100+  hours of training time over the year and taking advantage of that time is paramount to continued development as a player.

Traveling teams are nothing new in Ohio, however, the year-round approach is less common. Giving our players a whole year to be together, we can truly develop them and help them achieve their full potential. Lacrosse is a sport where time off is time lost.

Why Join True Lacrosse?

This team consists of only the top lacrosse players in Ohio.

Being selected to a True Lacrosse team gives you the benefit of competing against some of the top lacrosse players and teams in the country. In addition, you will also be coached by coaches who have played at the highest level and know and understand the recruiting process. It is our goal to help you take your game to the next level and True Lacrosse will give you the tools to do so.

AJ Froehlich

True Cincinnati Director